101 Things in 1001 Days

I have always been a very goal oriented person. I like lists and the amount of pleasure and satisfaction I get from checking things off of lists is slightly disturbing- but it motivates me! I’ve spent a lot of time making my “to do” lists for simple tasks I want to get done every day that I’ve forgotten about what is truly important to me. I need to start living my life, experiencing things. After seeing Isabella and Mackenzie make their lists of 101 things they want to do in 1001 days, I decided I should do it myself. I’ll admit I took A LOT of inspiration from their lists- because I thought they had a lot of great ideas on them! But I added a bunch of things I’ve been wanting to do myself, just some fun ideas to keep in the back of my mind.

Starts on July 13, 2017

Ends on April 8, 2020

  1. Go one month without eating out
  2. Go one month without shopping
  3. Volunteer for a cause I’m passionate about
  4. Read 50 new books
  5. Go a week without wearing makeup
  6. Give five “just because” gifts
  7. Run a 5k
  8. Make five recipes from my grandmother’s cookbook
  9. Send flowers to my grandmother one day out of the blue
  10. Redesign my blog
  11. Unplug completely for 24 hours (no internet, phone, television, etc.)
  12. Ride on a sailboat
  13. See a Chicago Blackhawks hockey game
  14. Spend an afternoon at a botanical garden
  15. Watch the sun rise
  16. See a Broadway play
  17. Be able to run two or more miles without stopping
  18. Go to the gym five times a week for a month
  19. Read for at least 30 minutes before bed for a month
  20. Pay for a stranger’s coffee
  21. Visit the MET
  22. Go ice skating
  23. Hike Sabino Canyon once a week for a month
  24. Go a month without eating fast food
  25. Find the perfect workout routine
  26. Make two new friends
  27. Watch 20 new movies
  28. Go to five concerts (1/5) (Shawn Mendes)
  29. Visit five states
  30. Visit Nantucket
  31. Have a picnic in the park
  32. Learn to french braid
  33. Surprise co-workers with baked goods
  34. Visit a vineyard
  35. Subscribe to a magazine
  36. Meditate for 100 days straight
  37. Try a yoga class
  38. Complete 5 random acts of kindness
  39. Feed a giraffe
  40. Purchase a classic handbag
  41. Get straight A’s for a semester
  42. Take a barre class
  43. Organize/ clean out my Spotify
  44. Get to a 3.0 GPA
  45. Receive a good review at work
  46. Make ten recipes off of Pinterest
  47. Invest in ten beautiful coffee table books
  48. Get a facial
  49. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  50. Eat the recommended serving of vegetables every day for one week
  51. Clean out and organize my makeup
  52. Attend a fashion show
  53. Throw a dinner party
  54. Visit 3 national/state parks
  55. Try 10 new restaurants
  56. Take a trip to NYC
  57. Save $2,500 in my savings account
  58. Have tea at the Plaza in NYC
  59. Plant a tree
  60. Leave a 100% tip for great service
  61. Get an amazing internship
  62. Take a staycation and explore where I live
  63. Go on a spontaneous road trip
  64. Save 30% of every paycheck for 4 months
  65. Try to wear each item in my closet and at the end if I didn’t wear something, throw it out
  66. Apply to five “dream” internships
  67. Keep a journal for a month
  68. Post one new blog post each day for an entire month
  69. Post a photo on Instagram every day for a month
  70. Play tennis twice a week for a month
  71. Reach 1,000 followers on my blog instagram
  72. Visit the Chicago Skydeck
  73. Go to a farmers market
  74. Keep a gratitude list for a month
  75. Eat meatless for a month
  76. Try 5 new ice cream flavors
  77. Visit Winterhaven during the holidays
  78. Go two weeks without nail or toenail polish
  79. Clean out my computer, phone, everything attached to iCloud
  80. Post an outfit of the day photo every day for a month
  81. Create a budget and stick to it
  82. Go to three new museums
  83. Drink a gallon of water every day for a month
  84. Try five new foods
  85. Buy fresh flowers for the house
  86. Take a cooking class with my grandmother
  87. Go to an amusement park
  88. Successfully make 10 things from Pinterest
  89. Eat dinner at The Polo Bar in NYC
  90. Put up a gallery wall
  91. Visit a city I’ve never been to before
  92. Attend a show at New York Fashion Week
  93. See a tennis match
  94. Be able to better define my aesthetic
  95. Invest in grown up luggage
  96. See a movie outdoors
  97. Make $5,000 from selling on poshmark
  98. Go a week without any social media
  99. Redesign my blog to make it a reflection of my personal style
  100. Donate $10 to charity for every incomplete task on this list
  101. Put $10 into my savings account for every complete task on this list

Gingham Chic

Okay, I wear this outfit too much. I am completely willing to admit that I am an outfit repeater.

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

This skirt is an oldie from J.Crew, but I had seen it around before. I fell in love with the flirty hem, not to mention it’s in my favorite color! After many nights wishing J.Crew would bring the style back, I finally stumbled upon one on Poshmark! I ended up purchasing both the blush and the black. They are the most worn skirts in my wardrobe, I’m obsessed! Still hoping J.Crew brings back more colors in the future..

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset   Processed with VSCO with s1 presetProcessed with VSCO with s1 preset   Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

While unfortunately much of my outfit is older J.Crew, you can find my gingham top here!
xoxo Shelby

Summer Eyelet

The second I saw this dress, I knew I had to have it. I purchased it immediately, and to reinforce the good decision of this dress, the next day I saw Carly wearing it in a different color.

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

J.Crew always has the most gorgeous dresses for summer, and this one is no exception. I usually stay away from white dresses but since this is eyelet, it adds the most beautiful detailing! I paired the dress with simple accessories, nude sandals and a light blush bag to keep it light for summer.

Processed with VSCO with s3 presetProcessed with VSCO with s3 preset     Processed with VSCO with s3 preset

Dress: J.Crew, Sandals: J.Crew (now on sale!), Hat: J.Crew, Bag: Tory Burch (sold out, similar here)

xoxo Shelby

Weekly Recap

Hi everyone! I had such a fun week spent at my new job at Kate Spade (!!!) and finishing up a summer class. While it’s been very hectic, it’s my favorite way! I’ve been loving Kate Spade so much, not to mention all of the goodies I’ve been picking up! Onto my favorites of the week..

1. J.Crew button back striped peplum top // This top is so cute and perfect for summer! I think it would be perfect with white jeans and a pink flat, blue and white is my favorite color combo!

2. Nivea Lip Butter // This lip butter was MASSIVE a couple of years ago and I used to always carry mine in my bag. Now I’ve moved on to Smith’s Rosebud Salve, but after misplacing mine and running late out of the door one day, this is just what I happened to grab. Now I’m remembering why I loved it so much! It smells amazing and moisturizes so well!

3. Kate Spade Watson Heel // Since starting at Kate Spade, I’ve been going through a bit of a style change. I’ve been getting more dressed up than I did at my previous job, which is so fun! I love wearing block heels to work, and these are perfect. They are so comfortable and such a fun pop of color!

4. How LA is your beauty routine quiz // I saw this quiz on laurenconrad.com and I immediately took it! It was so funny and my beauty routine is “sooo LA”!

5. Welcome Baby Tell! // If you know me, you know I’ve been obsessed with Lauren Conrad for a majority of my life. Hearing she was pregnant was so exciting, and now she’s had her baby!! Lauren has been such an inspiration to me over the years and I absolutely look up to her in everything I do. Details on Liam’s arrival here!

Top 5 Books for Summer


Ever since I was young, I have been reading. I love reading, I love reading stories about others lives. Today I will be sharing my top 5 book choices for this summer!

Faithful by Alice Hoffman // I read this book while I was recovering from my wisdom teeth removal and was pleasantly surprised. The book starts off very dark, but then has a bright turn. This novel shows how easy it can be to get lost in yourself but how happiness can be right in front of you.

The Lost Wife by Alyson Richman // It took me FOREVER to decide to finally read this book. I kept getting it out from the library then never getting around to reading it, but I have no idea why I did that! This book is amazing. It fills you with hope, although it is about the Holocaust so there are some disturbing chapters. This story is about a lost love that finds their way back to one another.

Me Earl and the Dying Girl by Jesse Andrews // I was given this book as a gift a couple of years ago and just left it on the shelf. I finally got around to reading it a couple of months ago and it was so sweet. It has an amazing story about people being actually deeper than you think.

Wild by Cheryl Strayed // This is an amazing summer book! It’ll inspire you to get out and find adventure! It’s a great story about being independent and doing something on your own- and feeling the rewards of that.

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena // This book is actually very terrifying. It is full of twists and turns, the most unexpected thing is what ends up happening. I flew through this in a couple of days, it’s a great (and frightening) story!

Weekly Recap

Hi everyone! After another long and busy week, I am so excited for the weekend! I have a fun new job (see my last favorite of the week for more details) that I am so excited to finally start! I took a fun trip to Scottsdale for the first part of the week and came back ready to start the week!

1. Lululemon Run Times Shorts // Okay, so I know just about everyone loves these shorts. I am not really big on workout clothes, but I do love the occasional splurge at Lululemon. On my trip to Phoenix I realized how essential these are for me! I wore the black ones for our casual activities both days and they were perfect! I also picked up the jaded color, which is gorgeous.

2. Bobbi Brown Beach Perfume // I’ve mentioned this perfume before but I just can’t get over it! It smells amazing and I’ve gotten back into wearing it this week. It’s so light and perfect for summer!

3. Say Yes to the Dress // I used to watch this show every Friday night back in high school, and I’ve fallen back in love! I’ve been going through every episode- and I’ll admit, I cry at least once every episode.

4. J.Crew Factory Embellished Slingback Sandals // OBSESSED with these!! With my new job, these are not exactly something I’d be wearing but I can’t get over them! The embellishment is so cute, I’m hoping to pick them up soon!

5. And now onto the big news.. // I got a job at Kate Spade! As difficult as the decision was, I decided to start fresh and begin working for Kate Spade. I love love loved J.crew but I decided it was time to part ways. Especially with the current state of my life (over halfway done with college!) I need to start making some decisions about my future. As a possible resume booster (and fun opportunity!) I thought this company would be the perfect switch. I will always be a loyal J.Crew customer, but I am so excited to see my style evolve with this new job.

And I promise, more outfit posts soon! Now my face is much less swollen and I’m not constantly on vicodin, I’m so excited to start taking pictures again!

xo, Shelby

Weekly Recap

Hi everyone! After a long (almost) week and a half of laying around recovering from my wisdom teeth surgery, I am finally starting to feel better! Since I was stuck in bed for almost 9 days straight, I did quite a bit of online browsing, movie watching, and book reading. I loved having the time to relax and work ahead on my summer class- now I’m ready to get back out there! Here is everything I have been loving this week.

1. Day Designer // I can’t believe I waited so long to invest in this planner! After using a Lilly agenda for three years, I decided that I needed something a bit more structured. I have a lot of different appointments, classes, and a work schedule that changes every week- sometimes it gets hard to keep track of it! The Lilly agenda wasn’t cutting it, so I decided to try this one out and I LOVE it! More on this later, I will be making a blog post all about how I organize mine.

2. Poshmark // Since I have been stuck at home, I have been updating my Poshmark quite frequently! A new job calls for a new wardrobe, and since I can’t wear a lot of my old work clothes I decided to list some to get them a new home!

3. J.Crew vintage cotton t-shirt // It’s no secret, I love this t-shirt. I went forever searching for the perfect white t-shirt, and this is it! For the countless doctors appointments I’ve had this week, this shirt has been amazing because it’s so simple but still feels better than wearing a plain t-shirt.

4. Faithful by Alice Hoffman // Just a warning, this book is quite dark- but with a happy ending. I started reading this book the day after my surgery and I was immediately shocked. But I couldn’t put it down, I finished it within two days! I loved having this to read while I was on bedrest, it is a really inspiring story about how a girl turned her life around and found happiness.

5. Something Borrowed // I vaguely remember reading this book when I was much younger, but I never knew it was movie! It is currently for free on demand and when I was looking for a movie to watch I knew I would love this! If you love Kate Hudson and rom-coms then this is the one for you!

Outfit of the Day: Casual Summer Look

Wow, I cannot believe June is already halfway over! It has been such a busy and crazy month I have hardly had a few seconds to sit down and relax!

Today I am showing you one of my favorite basic outfits for summer. I love pairing a fun colored t-shirt with white jeans, it’s such an easy look! When it’s 100 degrees outside every day, all I live in is a lightweight t-shirt and white jeans.


Top: Old J.Crew (similar here), Jeans: J.Crew, Sandals: Old J.Crew (similar styles here)

Hope you are all enjoying this summer so far!

xoxo Shelby

Weekly Recap

I know I’ve been gone for a little… but now I’m back! It was a busy couple of weeks getting into the swing of summer. I started a summer class and went to Vegas to find my best friend her wedding dress! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks but now I’m excited to get back into the swing of things. So, anyway, here is everything I’ve been loving lately!

1. 13 Reasons Why // I know that I’ve talked about how much I loved the show 13 Reasons Why, but I finally got my hands on a copy of the book and it was amazing! While the writing isn’t totally amazing, it does a much better job at talking about mental health. It was much more interesting than the show, as it talked more about Hannah’s actual state rather than just things happening to everyone else. It was a great read and I definitely recommend!

2. Taylor Swift // Okay, I will admit I love love love Taylor Swift. Her music is finally on Spotify and I’m so excited to listen to all of my favorite songs again!

3. Sugar lip balm “Tulip” // I was very against these lip balms after a bad experience with one melting on me in San Diego a couple of summers ago. But I decided to go for one again, after seeing this beautiful color, and I love it! I’m going to just take precautions with this one and keep out of the sun! This lip balm does an amazing job and the color is an added bonus!

4. Tory Burch Perfume // This perfume from Tory Burch is a favorite. I’ve been struggling to find a perfume that lasts longer than 15 minutes and this one does the job! I’ve been using this a ton this week and it’ll last all day!

5. Mickey Drexler stepping down from CEO of J.Crew // I’m extremely devastated over this news. I love J.Crew and Mickey, I think he’s done an amazing job of guiding this company! As upset as I am, I’m excited to see what the new president will do and where he will lead the company.

Weekly Recap

I decided to spend the first week of my summer break relaxing and getting back into the swing of things. I’ve been so excited to start working out every day and having plenty of hours in the day to get everything done!

Now onto everything I’ve been loving this week..

  1. Supergoop Sunscreen // As I’ve been outside a LOT more (between riding my bike and laying out to enjoy the sun- I spend about three hours in direct sunlight every day), I was on the lookout for a good sunscreen. I received the Supergoop sunscreen as a reward at Sephora and I LOVE it. It’s not greasy and does not come off, it’s a perfect every day sunscreen. I will definitely be purchasing the full size in the future!
  2. Body Bootcamp Workouts // Summer is my favorite time of the year to make a routine for working out and eating healthy. This year, I decided to do a workout video routine rather than just working out on my own. I found this one and I love it! Every week she comes out with a new video for the series, with a different focus. I have been trying to do one video 6 days a week, starting at once daily and working up to four times per day!
  3. Harry Styles first solo album // I’ve been obsessed with One Direction since my freshman year of high school. I remember before they came over to the States (they were primarily popular in the UK) freaking out over them and no one knowing who I was talking about. Harry was always my love, and I am obsessed with his new music.
  4. Essie Sunset Sneaks // I’ve had this nail polish on pretty much constantly since summer started! It looks amazing with a tan, definitely going to be a favorite this summer!
  5. J.Crew Beaded Ball Earrings // I always end up buying statement earrings then never wearing them, but I think these are different! I saw these at J.Crew and immediately fell in love. I love the color and I think it’s be perfect with all of the blue and white I always wear during the summer!