Easter Treats

Hello everyone! For Easter my friend Kiley and I made some fun treats inspired by recipes we saw on Pinterest and took some cute pictures of our adventure!

Follow Kiley’s blog and see her Easter post: http://trendsandtrunks.com/

FullSizeRender  IMG_1564

The first treat we made was Rice Krispie treats that we put orange candy melts to get the color. It was super easy to make and required minimal ingredients! Here is the Pinterest post that has the recipe.


We picked up super cute egg shaped M&M’s and Reese’s Pieces from Target, they were so good!


Our next treat was this chocolate bark, mixed in with pretzels and the M&M’s and Reese’s Pieces. It was also really easy to make, just make sure to make a thick layer of the chocolate as it does melt extremely easy!

IMG_1586  IMG_1596IMG_1641  IMG_1643

After finishing our yummy treats we decided to dye eggs and somehow we got the sprinkles from the chocolate bark to stick on the eggs for decoration. A little messy but an alternative to buying a egg dying kit if you already have the food coloring and vinegar at home to make the dye yourself!

It was so much fun to make these Easter treats with Kiley, Easter is such a fun holiday! Hope everyone had a fun Easter.

Top: old J.Crew, but here are some sizes still available in petite on sale

Jeans: J.Crew

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