Weekly Recap

I decided to spend the first week of my summer break relaxing and getting back into the swing of things. I’ve been so excited to start working out every day and having plenty of hours in the day to get everything done!

Now onto everything I’ve been loving this week..

  1. Supergoop Sunscreen // As I’ve been outside a LOT more (between riding my bike and laying out to enjoy the sun- I spend about three hours in direct sunlight every day), I was on the lookout for a good sunscreen. I received the Supergoop sunscreen as a reward at Sephora and I LOVE it. It’s not greasy and does not come off, it’s a perfect every day sunscreen. I will definitely be purchasing the full size in the future!
  2. Body Bootcamp Workouts // Summer is my favorite time of the year to make a routine for working out and eating healthy. This year, I decided to do a workout video routine rather than just working out on my own. I found this one and I love it! Every week she comes out with a new video for the series, with a different focus. I have been trying to do one video 6 days a week, starting at once daily and working up to four times per day!
  3. Harry Styles first solo album // I’ve been obsessed with One Direction since my freshman year of high school. I remember before they came over to the States (they were primarily popular in the UK) freaking out over them and no one knowing who I was talking about. Harry was always my love, and I am obsessed with his new music.
  4. Essie Sunset Sneaks // I’ve had this nail polish on pretty much constantly since summer started! It looks amazing with a tan, definitely going to be a favorite this summer!
  5. J.Crew Beaded Ball Earrings // I always end up buying statement earrings then never wearing them, but I think these are different! I saw these at J.Crew and immediately fell in love. I love the color and I think it’s be perfect with all of the blue and white I always wear during the summer!

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