Weekly Recap

Hi everyone! After another long and busy week, I am so excited for the weekend! I have a fun new job (see my last favorite of the week for more details) that I am so excited to finally start! I took a fun trip to Scottsdale for the first part of the week and came back ready to start the week!

1. Lululemon Run Times Shorts // Okay, so I know just about everyone loves these shorts. I am not really big on workout clothes, but I do love the occasional splurge at Lululemon. On my trip to Phoenix I realized how essential these are for me! I wore the black ones for our casual activities both days and they were perfect! I also picked up the jaded color, which is gorgeous.

2. Bobbi Brown Beach Perfume // I’ve mentioned this perfume before but I just can’t get over it! It smells amazing and I’ve gotten back into wearing it this week. It’s so light and perfect for summer!

3. Say Yes to the Dress // I used to watch this show every Friday night back in high school, and I’ve fallen back in love! I’ve been going through every episode- and I’ll admit, I cry at least once every episode.

4. J.Crew Factory Embellished Slingback Sandals // OBSESSED with these!! With my new job, these are not exactly something I’d be wearing but I can’t get over them! The embellishment is so cute, I’m hoping to pick them up soon!

5. And now onto the big news.. // I got a job at Kate Spade! As difficult as the decision was, I decided to start fresh and begin working for Kate Spade. I love love loved J.crew but I decided it was time to part ways. Especially with the current state of my life (over halfway done with college!) I need to start making some decisions about my future. As a possible resume booster (and fun opportunity!) I thought this company would be the perfect switch. I will always be a loyal J.Crew customer, but I am so excited to see my style evolve with this new job.

And I promise, more outfit posts soon! Now my face is much less swollen and I’m not constantly on vicodin, I’m so excited to start taking pictures again!

xo, Shelby

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