Mixing Prints

Without a doubt, I love mixing prints. Mixing prints is such a fun way to jazz up an outfit and give it personality!

My personal favorite print mix is stripes and polka dots. I am almost aways wearing at least one of the two, but it feels fun to wear both of them together!


The second I saw this top I knew I had to have it. It is the perfect top to either wear casually or dress up, and I LOVE that it is cotton (aka machine washable!). I purchased it maybe two weeks ago and I have already worn it six times (so obviously a win!)

IMG_3728   IMG_3718IMG_3604

Cooper was the best model, I love the color of his shirt with the flowers!


Top: Kate Spade, Jeans: J.Crew, Shoes: Kate Spade for Keds

Weekly Recap

Happy Friday!! Another week of, “I can’t believe it’s already Friday!”. Here’s everything I’ve been loving this week..IMG_3812.JPG

  1. Ingrid Nilsen // Back in the day, I used to watch a TON of videos by Ingrid. I stopped watching as much youtube but recently I rediscovered her and I love watching her videos! I always love the products she talks about and she was my inspiration for cutting my hair short again!
  2. Essie Topless & Barefoot // This nail polish is one of my absolute favorites. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago and it has been on my nails ever since. It is the perfect nude color, but still looks like you have polish on your nails.
  3. Popsugar Fitness // I have been loving this resource for fitness information! They have fun workouts or just information on ways to better your workout or tips about how much you should workout! Definitely a good resource to use!
  4. Carly’s What’s in My Bag post // This post came at such a funny time! I posted my what’s in my bag post (you can see it here) the day before and I was so excited to see when Carly posted hers! She has the cutest Kate Spade bag and I love how she did this post featuring different bags!
  5. Kate Spade Watson Lane Hartley Backpack // I have never had a “cute” backpack before, but I think this one is going to be my first! I love the shape and size of this one, I think it’d be perfect not only for school but also traveling! I’m so tired of carrying heavy totes all around the airports, this bag would be so much easier especially because around the holidays I will be traveling a bit more than usual! I’m planning on picking this bag up soon, I’m obsessed!

What have you guys been loving this week?!

xoxo Shelby

What’s In My Bag?

I have always been so interested in what other people carry in their bags. I’ve always thought having a peak into someone’s purse was almost like having a peak into what is going on in their minds. I’m definitely the kind of person to want to carry absolutely everything I own with me, regardless of where I am going. A 15 minute trip to the grocery store? I might need six chapsticks. A 2 day trip to Vegas? Still the same essentials.

I used to stick to smaller crossbody bags because I found them easier to be hands free, but ever since I got this Kate Spade bag I have been converted to a bigger bag kind of girl! I hate carrying a smaller bag because I typically forget/ am not able to fit in at least something and that drives me crazy. With this bag, it’s the perfect size so I can carry around everything I want and it still looks chic!

Here’s what I’ve been carrying around..

Processed with VSCO with s1 preset Processed with VSCO with s1 preset

Makeup Bag (gift from Kate Spade): I generally avoid carrying around too much makeup- probably because I don’t wear that much to begin with! I stick with carrying around my essentials for lip products- just a couple with light color depending on what I am wearing that day! I have my favorite Too Faced lipstick (in Naked Dolly), Sugar lip balm, Rosebud salve, and a Tarte sample in a basic color. I also always carry around hand sanitizer (you never know what you might touch!) I usually have a hair tie or two in my bag, just as extras. Right now I also have a rollerball for my favorite perfume- Bobbi Brown Beach! I use this to freshen up throughout the day if I think my perfume is wearing off.

Notebook: I am currently carrying around this Kate Spade notebook! I love having a notebook on me, and this one is the perfect size! This notebook is perfect for jotting down notes at work or on the go!

Wallet: For two years, I rotated between a few (very small) wallets. After realizing my zippers were busting because I couldn’t fit anything else into them, I decided to upgrade. I purchased this wallet and I am OBSESSED. I love having everything I need always on me, no more leaving cards at home because they won’t fit!

Gum: Gum is an essential, always.

Sunglasses: In my smaller bags, carrying sunglasses was always such a hassle. Either I had to leave the case and carry them around or just forget them all together. I’m so glad now I can always have mine on me and not have to worry about where I’d put them or suffer in the sun! Right now I’ve been wearing these from Tory Burch.

What do you carry in your bag?

xoxo Shelby

Weekly Recap

Can you believe this week is already over?! I spent the entire week wondering what day it was, I can’t believe the first week of August is already over! I have been spending A LOT of time this week collecting myself and preparing for the next semester. I’m really excited to get back to school and get things moving!

Here is everything I’ve been loving this week..

  1. I joined a gym! // I have been going to the gym consistently this past week and I have been feeling so much better. I decided to tackle my health problems in August and the gym has helped significantly! I love walking on the treadmill, it’s so relaxing to me and I’ve been enjoying it! Bonus: an excuse to purchase cute workout clothes!
  2. Full post on juice recipes later, but I’ve been OBSESSED with this juice! I love making it following a workout, it’s the perfect recipe for me. Here are the ingredients:
    1/2 frozen banana
    1/2 cup frozen mango chunks
    handful of baby spinach or kale
    1/2 cup of almond milk
    1/3 cup sliced cucumber
    1/2 lime (juiced)
    1 tbsp chia seeds
  3. Kate Spade Bonjour phone case // This is definitely the cutest thing in the world. The second I saw this phone case I knew I had to have it! The pup on the back is so cute and I love his sweater!
  4. Charlie Puth // After seeing Shawn Mendes in concert a couple of weeks ago, I became obsessed with Charlie Puth! He opened for Shawn and I loved his music. He’s been all over my spotify playlist for the month. You can check out my August playlist here!
  5. Baby Liam Tell // A first look at Baby Tell!! This is so exciting, I love LC and I’m so happy for her and her little family! On her website she shared pictures from their first photoshoot as a family! (and can I mention, she looks amazing post baby!)

Currently Loving: August Kate Spade

Okay, so fall is here. In the world of fashion, colors are changing over from island blues to deep reds- and honestly I’m loving it. I’m a summer girl but now that I’m working at Kate Spade I’ve realized the holidays are the most joyful time of the year. I’m so excited to start wearing sparkles every day and see the exciting holiday collections that are coming up soon!
Here is a roundup of everything I am loving from the first pre-fall collection at Kate Spade. Stay tuned to see what I decide to purchase from this collection!
Kate Spade August Collection

Shirt dress // Embroidered block heel // Striped backpack // Floral ruffle top // Frenchie keychain // Glitter block heel // Ruffle dress // Bow handbag // Frenchie tee

I am OBSESSED with the novelty for this month- an adorable frenchie! I’ve already purchased the phone case and keychain and they are the cutest things in the world.

What are you guys loving from pre-fall so far?!

xoxo Shelby